Monday, September 7, 2009

This One Goes Out to You, Uncle Joey

I love me some scorned white women music. And I’d be hard pressed to think of a better song than, “You Oughta Know” or a more appropriate bitch to cover it than Britney. Sista represented in Greensboro, NC last night.

Two of my favorite things, together at last! Like dipping Wendy’s fries in a frosty. You wouldn’t think to combine the two at first, but once you do it becomes sinful that Wendy’s doesn’t offer frosty packets in lieu of ketchup. Britney knows what I’m talkin’ about. She probably asks for the melted cheese on the side too. (It’s an extra 50 cents and if the cashier doesn’t know which button to hit, you can tell him “miscellaneous food.” Don’t judge me.)

All I know is that if there is a God, Dave Coulier can feel Alanis scratching her nails down someone else’s back right now.

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  1. Probably makes more sense than this guy singing it: