Friday, April 30, 2010

Check out my blog about Christian Rap's latest sensation, Tamara Lowe.

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  1. I live in Jersey right outside NYC and back in the mid 90's there was an underground radio station that would play this hardcore christian hip hop and it wasnt that bad. The beat was good but the lyrics were terrible. Some things just cannot be "urbanized" (if you will) and Jesus is one of them. I wouldnt even call what that woman does "rap". More like some kind of spoken word. And these people are still pissed off at the Dixie chicks??? Arent christians supposed to be forgiving? The Dixie chicks have been out of the music scene for over a decade. Also, most of these tv shows she references have been off the air for a while now. I have a tv related chritian rap I just made up that is more relevant than this drivel...

    Dont waste your time following the A-Team, being in gods grace should be your only dream.
    If you follow the word of the boy Alex P Keaton you will surely be haunted by a satanic demon.
    Abandon the ways of the horse Mr. Ed and the lord will make sure that you are always fed.
    If you waste away you evening watching Saved by the Bell than you will surely end up burning in hell.
    I could go on but I will stop.