Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Cisco Adler of Hamsters

Here it is. Latest youtube sensation. A hamster with gigantic balls falling asleep.

Why am I so bitter? He is cute, in an elephant man sorta way. I guess I’m just angry that some no-talent hamster has more of a youtube following sleeping than I could ever manage to have awake. Hey, Pinkberries, at least I keep my clothes on. Some of us still have our dignity.

So let me get this straight – he’s a hamster…with human-sized balls…who’s an internet sensation because everyone’s laughing at him? If his name isn’t William Hung, his owner should be killed.

Most of the time I like to think I’m above teabag humor, but then I see hamster balls and write a Carlos Mencia joke. I want Pixar to bring Nuggets to the big screen so I can watch him stuff those sweet bean bags down a gopher’s throat while screaming, “Once you go rodent, you swallow my load-ent!” I don’t know why William Hung is Mexican now, but I swear we could get Patton and Janeane to do the voices.



  1. For no adequately explained reason:


  2. Well, you've got a couple of perfectly good cats. I say, exploit 'em. Of course the real trick is to get enough eyes on it for it to go viral. My most viewed clip on youtube is a tribute to Felicia Day of The Guild and it got views because she was flattered enough to post a link. Hmmm -- How do you feel about putting on a red wig and dancing about saying, "Bitches better step off. Can I get a Mark, Mark?"

  3. So, further to our hamster buddy, G4tv contacted me because they wanted to use my Hamster Ball Lullaby with the footage on their new Web Soup show, which I was fine with. They seemed to even be aware that the song came separate from the video, which is obviously someone else's. Unfortunately, the legalese of their release form require I be from the US. Oh well. Hey, it's not like they're even showing it on G4 TechTV (Canadian sister station) as far as I know.

    I guess next time the producers will know to check the country of origin for the clips they want.