Monday, July 20, 2009

Ice Cubes, Nurse Jackie, & Taxidermy Barretts


To those of you following my refrigerater woes, you should know that it’s fixed as a bitch. The food is soooooooo as cold as it's supposed to be. No more water in my ice trays, baby. Up and runnin’ shit. Oddly enough, the compressor valve pump nozzle pipe did burn out. Like I said the whole time.

My weekend was amazing. Parmesan fondue on top of flat iron steak amazing. I saw that gay movie, overdosed on Miso soup at a chain restaurant, and caught 6 episodes of Nurse Jackie. I’m not sure how I’ve lived so long without this show in my life. If someone could make a pill of this show, I would grind it up and put it in my coffee every morning, noon, and night.

Which is why finding this piece of “comedy” over at Pophangover this morning greatly offended me.


Sorry if Nurse Jackie isn’t Entourage, Pophangover. Some of us (albeit not many) are bored watching television shows where the entire cast looks conventionally attractive and exactly the same (besides the token fat guy). And I had such high hopes for your website after your Taxidermy Jewelry post.


So, yeah. Turns out somebody beat us all to the punch at combining fashion and roadkill. I think? I’m really hoping the leather and fur we wear comes from animals killed for the purpose of fashion – not hit by a Dodge truck and turned into assless chaps. That would be gross.

Is anyone looking at the rat in this photo and not picturing it coming to life like that mink coat in Ghostbusters?

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